Your fans are looking for each other.

Has anyone ever told you that artists need "social media" to be successful?

Get good at IG - they said.
Just make a few viral TikToks - they said.
Post a little more on Snapchat - they said.

By now you look like you’ve aged like 10 years (and not in a nice, George Clooney way). Instead of spending more time on your music, you’re juggling this all by yourself.

We’ll tell you something they probably won’t.

Your ride-or-die fans are exhausted too.

They want to connect with each other, but social platforms make everything feel like a one-way broadcast.

That’s why we built Lydian. An online space to form real connections, powered by cutting-edge voice technology.

*mic drop*

Welcome to your space for instant connection. Fill out the form below and let's make your club official.